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LAVENDER, easily one of the most popular herbs of all time. This beautiful UK sister of White Prairie Sage, airs out the old and puts your mind and body in balance. This wonderful alternative cleanser has a strong, fragrant smoke with notes of natural lavender oil (ah it's BEAUTIFUL). Excellent for meditation, restful energy, and calming hectic spaces.

We work with a organic lavender suppler in the south east of England, who has owned and grown lavender on their land for generations. All lavender are planted, cared for, and harvested by hand and with a huge amount of love (they are worthy of a movie because of their pureness and passion <3 ) and we are confident you will feel it using this balancing bundle.

Some variation may occur as these are hand tied and different crops differ in weight, fullness, and density.
Please note that lavender does shed, however it will not affect its use.

Our lavender bundles are good for at least 3-5 cleanses per wand depending on usage. Results may vary per user.

This listing is for a single item, if you would like multiple wands please go to our wholesale tab. We take photos in larger product groups to give you a better idea of variation and variety.


Essential oils in the herbs diffuse into the air over time, causing the scent to “fade.” However, our wands from last years crop are still going very strong! To refresh your wand simply rub/roll between your palms gently.


Please note that all flowers and smoke cleansers are shipped DRY and shedding is perfectly normal!

Dry flower bunches such as Lavender are harvested and stored exactly as they were when they were brought in from the field in East Sussex, UK. Shedding is normal and will be excess petals, not causing cosmetic damage.